Advanced Supply Solutions

Tailor-made products and access to European energy markets – a complete service for a convenient energy purchase.

We offer tailor-made products for an affordable and reliable supply of electricity. Our customers can choose from a wide range of fixed, variable and customized  pricing contract options. With extensive knowledge and access to international energy markets we help our partners reduce exposure to price fluctuations and optimise their energy purchasing costs.

We offer our large business customers:

  • competitive energy prices,
  • advanced structured products for an optimal energy supply,
  • analytical support in decision making,
  • individual approach and expert advice.
Advanced Supply Solutions

Tailor-Made Products

To optimise your  energy purchasing costs we designed a wide range of advanced products that only a few other energy companies can boast of. The choice of the most appropriate product depends on the type of consumption and the level of market risk taken. Our experts will prepare your best energy purchasing strategy and create a completely customized product that will fit your needs perfectly.

  • Locked price product: for companies that want to know the exact cost of the purchased energy in advance, so that they can get a fixed price and amount of energy for the entire contract period.
  • Indexed price product: for companies that prefer some flexibility and want to purchase the required amount of energy step by step – at the moments when energy prices on the market are most favourable. In this way, timing risks of energy purchase are effectively dispersed.
  • Portfolio management: for companies that want to diversify the risk of prices fluctuations  and take advantage of all the opportunities offered by such a structured purchase of energy. By knowing your consumption and having access to international markets we can ensure effective portfolio management, which includes all services and consultancy activities necessary for the optimal purchase of electricity 
»Not only do we provide the competitve prices, that is easy enough to do, but we also secure the highest added value for our customers. With our service the customers can lower their costs of energy as well as improve what they do in terms of lowering the cost of their operations. This is our real advantage when it comes to what we do compared to what our competition is doing.«