GEN-I Zagreb signs an agreement with Croatian Motorways Ltd. on the supply of electricity

GEN-I Zagreb continues with the successful implementation of its business plans on the Croatian market during the current fiscal year. GEN-I Zagreb was selected as electricity supplier for a period of one year via public tender issued by Croatian Motorways Ltd. (Hrvaške avtoceste vzdrževanje in plačilo cestnine d.o.o or HAC ONC). Cooperation began on December 1, 2016. GEN-I will supply 77,521,500 kWh of electricity valued at HRK 28,837,498.85 over the term of the agreement.

The signing of the agreement marks the continuation of GEN-I’s successful business year, as the company was selected as most favorable supplier via two other public tenders in recent months, namely tenders issued by the Dubrovnik Airport and the Croatian postal service in the total amount of HRK 10,935,337.35 for the supply of 26,743,208 kWh of electricity.

Dejan Paravan, Ph.D., Executive Sales Director of GEN-I said, “We are currently very satisfied with the pace at which our plans for 2016 are being implemented. With the signing of these three agreements, we are nearing the full implementation of those plans and reaffirming GEN-I as a reliable partner that offers its users high-quality, innovative and competitively priced services.”

GEN-I, which actively operates on 20 electricity markets, continuously introduces innovative products and sets new trends. GEN-I became the first company in the region to define the self-sufficient electricity supply market this November, when it presented the new GEN-I Sonce service, which will facilitate the construction of micro solar power plants according to the “turnkey” principle for household and small business customers.

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