GEN-I - Trusted Brand 2014 award winner

In one of the biggest European consumer surveys, Trusted Brand, GEN-I was awarded the title ofthe most trustworthy brand of 2014 in the energy supplier category. It held a significant advantage over 24 other energy suppliers, and was the conclusive winner. In addition, GEN-I was also selected as the most trusted brand in the area of environmental protection in the aforementioned category.

This year's survey, conducted by Reader's Digest all over the world, was organized for the 14th year in a row, and included 40 categories of brands. The main objective of the survey is to identify consumer attitudes and opinions related to brands consumers trust the most, according to questionnaire results. This year's annual survey was conducted in 10 countries and a total of 17,676 answers were analyzed.

Several criteria are taken into account in the assessment: quality, value, firmly established public image, understanding of consumers' needs and the social responsibility of the brand. The main criterion in the selection of the winner is therefore the overall positive consumer experience, which makes GEN-I's first-place ranking even more meaningful.

"The fact that GEN-I has received another award based on consumer satisfaction and trust proves that we are aware of the importance of transparency and that we respond to the wishes of our existing and potential clients. At GEN-I, we always strive to offer advanced and inventive products that facilitate more effective energy and gas supply decisions, and our clients appreciate that. We would like to thank everyone who voted for GEN-I and chose it as the most trustworthy brand among energy providers," said Dr. Robert Golob, the President of GEN-I's Management Board, about the award.


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