GEN-I starts supplying electricity to 35 Croatian Ministries and Admninistrative Units

ZAGREB, 8 November 2013 – The company GEN-I Zagreb d.o.o. and State Office for Central Public Procurement signed today a framework agreement on the supply of electricity to 35 ministries and administrative units in Croatia as well as to judicial authority offices. The agreement represents the basis for the signing of separate contracts with individual ministries and administrative units, expected to take place in the next few weeks.

The contract, worth 93 million HRK without the VAT, was signed by the head of the State Office for Central Public Procurement, Dario Janković and dr. sc. Dejan Paravan, Executive sales director in The GEN-I Group and Director of GEN-I Zagreb, d.o.o. The value of the contract is by 16 million HRK lower than the estimated value of the procurement, which amounted to 109 million HRK. It should be stressed that the company GEN-I made sure that all the supplied electricity will be from renewable sources.

"Its cooperation with the highest state offices of the Republic of Croatia testifies of the seriousness, quality and expertise of the company GEN-I. We believe that the savings we shall provide to the government of the RH and the quality of our service shall justify the trust placed in us," said dr. sc. Robert Golob, President of the Management board of The GEN-I Group and one of the co-signatories of the contract.

"The signing of this agreement successfully closed the public procurement in the framework of which the company GEN-I Zagreb d.o.o. was selected as the most economical bidder. The signing of contracts with individual offices will now follow, while the beginning of transfer to the new supplier is scheduled for 1 January 2014. The contract encompasses 35 ministries and administrative units in Croatia and the judicial authority offices, or approximately 300 legal persons with around 1,500 measuring stations," said Dario Janković, head of State Office for Central Public Procurement.

The company GEN-I Zagreb d.o.o. is a member of The GEN-I Group with many years of international experience in electricity and gas market. The GEN-I Group is present on 18 energy markets in Central and Eastern Europe. In addition, the group leased cross-border transmission capacities for transfer among all the countries, which allows it to optimise the supply channels. This fact is reflected in its competitive purchase prices and it allows the company GEN-I to offer the best electricity supply prices on the Croatian market.

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