GEN-I ranks as 5th most successful recipient of funds

GEN-I ranks 5th among the 50 most successful institutions in terms of the receipt of funds from the Horizon 2020 Initiative, in which funds totaling nearly EUR 80 billion are available for research and development. The European Commission will allocate those funds via tenders in the scope of the financial perspective until 2020.

To date, Slovenian research institutions and companies have secured more than 218 projects with a total value of close to EUR 75 million from the program. GEN-I received its share in the amount of EUR 2.715 million in the scope of the FutureFlow project. The aforementioned project links four transmission system operators from Central and Southern Europe that face increasing challenges on a daily basis to ensure energy system security. It includes research and innovation activities that will facilitate the participation of customers and distributed generators on the balancing and redispatching markets, in addition to conventional units.

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