GEN-I presents its operating results for 2013

The operations of the GEN-I Group were characterized by two important factors in 2013: falling electricity prices on European energy exchanges and the notable entry of GEN-I on the Croatian electricity market in June 2013. Due to strong positive seasonal effects in the final quarter of 2013, the Group generated a net operating profit of EUR 9.8 million, an increase of 18.8% on 2012 and 6.6% higher than planned for 2013. The Group supplied 24.3 TWh of electricity to end-customers on eight markets and 0.9 TWh of natural gas to end-customers on two markets, while generating revenues of EUR 1.28 billion. The Group had 192 employees at the end of 2013, an increase of 26.3% on 2012, when it had 152 employees.

On the Slovenian market, more than 99,000 household customers were supplied electricity under GEN-I’s Poceni elektrika (Affordable Electricity) brand at the end of 2013, while there were already 17,200 Poceni plin (Affordable Natural Gas) customers by the end of the same year. The Affordable Natural Gas brand was launched on the market in 2012. GEN-I thus strengthened its position in 2013 as the largest supplier of electricity in Slovenia. GEN-I supplied 3,368 GWh of electricity to large and medium-sized business customers in 2013 (an increase of 3.9% on 2012) and 530 GWh of electricity to households and small business customers, representing a market share of 27.9% according to estimates.

Table of performance indicators for the GEN-I Group for 2013 and 2012

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