12th annual meeting of GEN-I’s partners – our future is the sun

Today, the GEN-I Group organized the 12th annual meeting of its partners. The record number of participants confirms the exceptional level of trust shown by GEN-I’s partners. Excellent operating results and, more importantly, major investments in the development of the company’s services and products are evidence of GEN-I’s correct strategic decisions.

The GEN-I Group’s competitiveness on international markets is the result of prudent business decisions. The best electricity trader in Southeast Europe, the most affordable supplier of energy products in Slovenia, winner of the title of Trusted Brand among electricity suppliers in Slovenia for six years running, and two-time recipient of recognition in the area of environmental protection. These are just some of the flattering titles that the GEN-I Group has received in recent years. Of increasing importance in the Group’s operations is awareness that global warming is the greatest threat to future generations. The green transformation of the economy and society as a whole is thus crucial for a carbon-free future and clean environment for the generations that will follow us.

Photo 1: Electric vehicles from GEN-I's vehicle fleet

The content of the meeting was quite varied. From price trends on energy markets to the advantages of and opportunities to reduce the carbon footprint of Slovenian companies; from the development of user solutions to a smart charging infrastructure; from the sharing of experiences and the results of including active users in GEN-I’s virtual power plant to the self-sufficient supply of energy from the sun.

During the introductory remarks, Stane Merše, MSc, head of the Centre for Energy Efficiency at the Jožef Stefan Institute, presented the advantages of and opportunities to reduce the carbon footprint of Slovenian companies. “Decarbonization is becoming a fact of life and a clear international framework, within which companies will operate in the future. For those companies, this presents new technological and organizational challenges, as the costs of CO2 emissions continue to rise,” explained Mr. Merše, who also presented current trends and guidelines set out in climate and energy policies, as well as trends in technological development, which represent a tremendous development and business opportunity for competitive operations.

Dejan Paravan, Ph.D., Director of Strategic Innovation at GEN-I, continued by focusing on forecasts of price trends and the recommendations of market analysts. “In such volatile conditions, choosing the right moment to make a purchase could mean savings of as much as 10% to 15%,” estimated Mr. Paravan. He ensured business partners that the GEN-I Group will continue to offer them the best and most innovative services in order to optimize their electricity purchasing strategies.

An overview of energy in the future was presented during the second part of the meeting. Rok Lacko, Ph.D., head of GEN-I’s Business Development Department, indicated that the electricity system is on the brink of major changes. He also talked about the experiences and results of including active users in the virtual power plant.

Sandi Kavalič, head of GEN-I’s Risk Management Department, presented the development vision and first pilot projects for the comprehensive supply of energy to buildings with the help of smart algorithms. The latter will facilitate the charging of electric vehicles without unnecessary upgrades to the existing infrastructure. He also touched on the potential for the development of new business models in connection with energy reservoirs and micro production from solar power plants. He presented planned development activities at GEN-I in the future and the benefits of using advanced energy technologies in connection with high-tech IT solutions.

Gregor Hudohmet, the Managing Director of GEN-I Sonce, presented results from the construction of solar power plants, and emphasized that GEN-I Sonce is responding fully to the challenges of decarbonization and is already following the path of decentralization. That company is thus contributing to a rise in the proportion of carbonless energy sources and is facilitating the rapid transition to a green society.

In the closing discussion, Robert Golob, Ph.D., Dejan Paravan, Ph.D. and Stane Merše, MSc focused on the coming energy revolution and the role of the self-sufficient supply of green energy. More than 2,000 Slovenian households have opted for their own solar power plant. Of that number, 700 were set-up by GEN-I. As an innovation this year, they presented the self-sufficient supply of energy to multiple apartment buildings. They also spoke of opportunities for self-sufficient supply projects for large business customers. Progressive legislation is crucial for the development of this sector, while progressive amendments to the regulation governing self-sufficient supply are clear evidence that the Slovenian government is increasingly aware of the importance of the use of renewable energy sources.

Photo 2 (from left): Dejan Paravan, Ph.D, Robert Golob, Ph.D., Stane Merše, MSc

“Our mission goes beyond the reliable and competitive supply of energy. Our mission is to facilitate the green transformation of customers and to reduce the carbon footprint. We have developed numerous energy management services for those purposes. Today, the self-sufficient supply of energy from the sun is a realistic and appealing option for business customers. Every managing director who would like to reduce the environmental impact of their company must consider this option,” emphasized Mr. Golob.

Photo 3: Robert Golob, Ph.D.

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