10th annual meeting of GEN-I’s partners

GEN-I organized the 10th annual meeting of its partners at the old power station in Ljubljana. The meeting was attended by 85 partners. Similar to previous years, the main focus of the meeting was the presentation of trends on European energy markets, as well as the latest developments in GEN-I’s portfolio of innovative services, which it offers to its partners in response to their needs. The event was characterized by the participation of the company Elektro energija, which attended the meeting for the first time with its most important partners.

The meeting was opened by the President of Elektro Ljubljana’s Management Board, Andrej Ribič, MSc, who said, “It gives me great pleasure to finally greet the most important partners of these two companies, Elektro energija and GEN-I, in one place. We have invested a great deal of effort in this important step, and I believe that our decision will prove to be the right one over time. The merger of Elektro energija with its most important strategic partner will strengthen our leading position on the Slovenian energy market over the long term, and allow us to continue providing superior services to our customers.”

Robert Golob, Ph.D., the President of GEN-I’s Management Board, added, “The merger of two of the largest suppliers in Slovenia will achieve three objectives: the significant mitigation of financial risks, a reduction in the costs of services and the joining of forces to achieve our potential for growth, particularly on international markets. It is through the formulation of joint teams that we will accelerate international sales of innovative products for large business customers, such as demand response, as together GEN-I and Elektro energija have a great deal of experience and competent employees who complement each other extremely well. Moreover, both companies support sustainable development. In that respect, we can also make faster progress in previously launched projects with the help of experts from our partner company.”

Special emphasis at this year’s meeting was also placed on the presentation of the single, merged sales team headed by its Director Bojan Kumer, MSc. The new sales team has already offered customers the latest innovations, as well as improved exclusive services and products for the purchase of electricity and natural gas, or assistance in purchases/decision-making, i.e. products and services that are only available to the customers of GEN-I or Elektro energija. Also presented was the power of in-depth analysis, portfolio management and sales support, all of which are decisive factors in the right decisions and energy purchasing strategies.

As is typically the case, the central focus of the meeting was a review of current price trends on the energy market. “After a sustained period of falling electricity and natural gas prices, we once again recorded price growth in the year that has just passed. The prices of nearly all energy products bottomed out during the first quarter of 2016. Oil, coal, natural gas and electricity prices have been on the rise since then,” said Dejan Paravan, Ph.D., Director of Strategic Innovation at GEN-I. He added, “The final quarter of last year was characterized by uncertainty regarding the operation of nuclear power plants in France and by agreements between members of OPEC regarding limitations on oil production, while we faced extreme prices on the daily market during the first quarter of this year.” He then presented to those in attendance recommendations regarding purchasing strategies and how to do business in the current conditions.

Sandi Kavalič, Coordinator of the Consumption and Production Management Department at GEN-I, presented in more detail developments on the electricity and natural gas market at the beginning of this year. “After several years of warmer-than-average winters, the region recorded extremely low temperatures this January, which led to a sharp rise in the consumption of electricity and natural gas. If we factor in very poor hydrologic conditions, we get extreme prices on the daily market, even in excess of EUR 300/MWh at certain hours. Rising prices on the daily market, the low levels of rivers and very little snow in the mountains have led to expectations of a more than 10% rise in electricity prices over the rest of this year and into next year.”

The focus of the second part of the event was on the presentation of the company’s services and the extremely important topic of the new guidelines of European energy policy, the so-called Winter Package.

At the end of the event, Ms. Marina Lindič, Head of Purchasing at URSA Slovenija d.o.o., who has attended the meetings of GEN-I’s partners since the very first one, added, “Flexibility, willingness, assistance and advice are the reasons why GEN-I is the only choice that remains. These types of meetings are very well-conceived, as trends on energy markets are presented to customers in a way that they understand and that gives them insight into broader developments in the area of energy. They learn about new products, and thus perceive the efforts and hard work of GEN-I, which offers its partners something more every passing year.”


Photo 1: (from left) Andrej Ribič, MSc, Robert Golob, Ph.D., Bojan Kumer, MSc

Photo 2: Dejan Paravan, Ph.D.

Photo 3: Sandi Kavalič

Photo 4: Vitomir Panič

Photo 5: Andrej Dernikovič

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