GEN-I Sonce service

Our GEN-I Sonce service allows customers to take control of their energy supply costs by investing in a micro solar power plant and to save close to 75% on their electricity bill.

With its GEN-I Sonce service, GEN-I makes it easy for household and small business customers in Slovenia to make the decision to switch to the self-sufficient supply of electricity generated by the sun. GEN-I is thus the first energy supplier in the region to enter the self-sufficient energy supply market, and will facilitate the construction of micro solar power plants according to the “turnkey” principle for Slovenian customers.

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GEN-I Sonce service


Affordable energy for households and small businesses. No commitments, no small print.

With its offer for households and small businesses, the GEN-I Group is present with four brands on two markets, supplying 200,000 customers with energy.

We provide our customers with a reliable supply of electricity and natural gas, enabling them to make significant savings in energy costs. Excellent user experience is ensured through easy and free switching of supplier, advanced web solutions for managing customer accounts and transparent billing.

We also offer customers the construction of home solar power plants according to the ‘turnkey’ principle for the self-sufficient supply of electricity from the sun, an investment that saves customers up to 75% on their electricity costs.

Our brands for households and small businesses include:


Market presence


Since we entered the market with the Poceni elektrika brand (Affordable Electricity) in 2009, GEN-I has been very affordable and the most fastest growing supplier of electricity for households; the fact that is confirmed by the published data of competent institutions. More than 164,000 Slovenian households and small businesses have already chosen Poceni elektrika (Affordable Electricity) so far.

In 2012, we entered the natural gas market with our Poceni plin brand (Affordable Natural Gas) as the first independent supplier and set the European record for the most successful switch rate campaign. Today we are already supplying natural gas to more than 23,000 Slovenian households and small businesses.

As the first supplier in the region, we have been offering the construction of micro solar power plants for the self-sufficient supply of energy since November 2016 through the comprehensive services provided by GEN-I Sonce. We have already built 1,000 such power plants till today.


We entered the Croatian market in mid-2013 with the Jeftina struja brand (Affordable Electricity) and achieved exceptional results immediately. Today, more than 12,000 households and small businesses are supplied by GEN-I Zagreb.