Hungary, as the central market in the SEE region, is used as a price benchmark. Its organized and transparent liquid electricity market strongly influence prices across the region, allowing for efficient hedging opportunities and acting as a reference in an otherwise complex market.

Installed production capacity, which relies heavily on natural gas, nuclear and coal, and with only limited renewables, does not match internal consumption. The country is dependent on imports from the Northern markets, with energy imports from the region, especially in seasons with good hydrology.

GEN-I holds a leading share of trading activity on the organized market, with its SEE market hedging activities accounting for the majority of traded volume.

In addition to simple liquid products, GEN-I offers structured services with prices linked to numerous commodity markets, allowing partners to balance their exposures and risks.

The synergies of our global portfolio and our large market shares in the SEE Region enable GEN-I to offer competitive products and services tailored to the needs of local producers and suppliers.